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Patient Testimonials
Patient Testimonials

Everybody knows that a trip to the periodontist is probably not going to be fun but Dr. B and his wonderful staff always make it so much easier. Stephen at the front desk is welcoming and refreshing. Alisha, Dr. B’s lovely assistant is respectful and patient, she always makes me feel taken care of. The best kept secret is Van, the hygienist...BEST in town! But Dr. B is the reason I go there because he really knows his stuff and his attention to detail assures me that my procedure will be a success. If it’s possible to love a periodontist...he’s the one!

Diane Baumeister

Dr. John Schaefer provided excellent care during and after my oral surgery. The experience was positive from start to finish. He and his staff provided thoughtful and insightful counseling prior to the surgery. I was particularly impressed with his matter of fact advice and sense of humor, which breaks the ice prior to surgery.

After my surgery, Dr. Schaefer was able to see me without a scheduled appointment to alleviate my concerns. I would gladly refer others to his practice!

Judge Taylor

I have been a patient of Dr. Schaefer for more than six years, and have been thoroughly impressed not only by his professionalism, but also the friendly environment that all of his staff provides. Stephen Walters will be the first point of contact when you call the office and he is great managing all the patients and their needs. Van Le, is an excellent and the most through hygienist I have ever had clean my teeth. She is never judgmental or condescending, I highly recommend her to everyone. The patient rooms are very comfortable, tastefully decorated, and put me at ease. Dr. Schaefer is very personable and makes every attempt to ask how things are going throughout every visit. At a recent visit, I had a difficult procedure and Dr. Schaefer monitored my pain and made me as comfortable as possible. I have open dialogues with him during my procedures which allow for the high standard of care that I am looking for. Several of my friends are also patients here – and I would highly recommend this office to anyone I meet.

Linda Buyer

Dr. Schaefer and staff: Thank you for the excellent care given to me for so many years. I appreciate your patience, kindness and sense of humor. I wish you professional success and personal happiness!