Have You Brushed Your Tongue?

Your parents may have forced you to brush your teeth twice a day when you were little. Extra points if they encouraged you to floss nightly as well. But did your mom or dad ever teach you to brush your tongue?

Since you can’t get cavities there, tongues are often overlooked in oral health routines. Throughout the day bacteria accumulates in crevices allowing microorganisms to stick together on the surface of the tongue. Unfortunately, mouth rinses only destroy the outer cells of this biofilm.

Kill more bacteria in your mouth by brushing your tongue every time you brush your teeth. The steps are simple:

  • brush back and forth
  • brush side to side
  • rinse your mouth with water

Some people prefer to use a tongue scraper from their local drugstore.

Whether you are fighting bad breath or cavities, tongue brushing is an easy addition to your daily dental routine. Make it a regular habit!

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